Elayne Rivers was born Friday, June 13, 1980, a Gemini whose dual personality would serve her well during a tumultuous and private childhood. At only 14 she coached a basketball team of one girl and nine boys who were just a year younger than she was and ended up leading them all the way to a PAL championship. It was also at this time that she met John “Gee” Dajani. Gee was very impressed by the impact Elayne had on the young men, the way in which they respected and listened to her. He was so impressed that he took her to be mentored by Monica Lynch, President of Tommy Boy Records in 1994. Between 1994 and 1995, Elayne had the good fortune not only to intern under the direction of Ms. Lynch but also to work for Frank Toro, Sam Crespo, Scott Johnson, and Tyrone Clark. In a continuation of his generosity, Gee went on to introduce Elayne to Shelby Meade, a publicist at Nasty Little Man, a PR company owned and operated by Steve Martin, publicist for the Beastie Boys. Elayne became a fixture at Nasty Little Man and was sure to learn all she could from those around her which also included Jessica Ricci, Perry Serpa, Maria Ma, Stephanie Harty, and Sheila Richman.

Her internship there coincided with that at Tommy Boy for a period as it lasted from 1994-1998. From 1998 to 2001 she attended a college in upstate NY. Upon her return to New York City she began working at Footlocker to help her mother out financially. While an Assistant Manager at the Times Square, NY location, she ran into Fatman Scoop (whom she had met while at Tommy Boy), this meeting led to him calling Sam Crespo and getting Elayne an internship at Def Jam. An act of empowerment, she formed her own company, Toonzworld Management. Her company specializes in branding, marketing and public relations and is also a personal testament to her strength of will. Originally representing only celebrity clientele, Elayne has begun to sign up-and-coming talent to nurture those on her roster at the beginning of their careers. In addition to overseeing this growing roster, Elayne has planted several seeds in different areas of the entertainment industry with the hopes of flooding the various sectors of the entertainment industry with not only good talent, but positive individuals looking to make a change in both the industry and the world. Stay tuned to see what this mogul in the making has in store.